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To best understand Optimal Vaginal Health it is important to review its structure and function.

The vagina is a potential space surrounded by a thin layer of mucosa, connective tissue, and smooth muscles rendering it capable of accommodating its size to any entity introduced into it. The vagina is capable of expanding from closed when relaxed to allowing a small speculum for examination or a baby’s head during child birth. Additionally, the vagina should be immediately capable of returning to its relaxed closed state.

The three critical contributors that allow the vagina to accomplish its job with ease and comfort are moisture, tightness, and pliability. Lack of any of these components can lead to a dry, loose, and/or stenotic vaginal wall.

The most common symptoms of dryness are atrophic changes, vaginal discharge or bleeding, burning, recurrent urinary tract infections, and painful sex. A loose vaginal wall can lead to urinary incontinence, decrease sensation, and diminished pleasure during sexual intercourse. Stenosis is a great contributor to painful sex and pain during routine vaginal examinations. These symptoms generally progress with time and lack of intervention.

There is no need to continue suffering from symptoms brought on by vaginal atrophy which may encompass painful intercourse, lack of satisfaction, and urinary problems. 

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms you may want to consult with Dr. Robert Siudmak to see if you are a candidate for our new quick in-office, painless, and minimally invasive procedure that requires no downtime.

After extensive research and training, on November 11th 2015, we added the MonaLisa Touch procedure to our list of high quality treatments to optimize your feminine health. This innovative FDA approved laser treatment stimulates collagen renewal, improves circulation, and assists in restoring your quality of life.

After a customary pelvic examination the procedure consists of three laser treatments lasting five minutes each given four to six weeks apart. The procedure will be performed by Dr. Siudmak who is a highly qualified board certified Ob/Gyn with 25 years experience in laser techniques. 

For information on this clinically designed researched based procedure that will promote the return of your gynecological health    

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