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Vaginal Dryness, Best Treatment Options

A few facts that may help you decide how best to care for yourself when you have been diagnosed with genitourinary syndrome of menopause, formerly known as atrophic vaginitis. The symptoms can include a lack of lubrication, pain with intercourse, and urinary symptoms.

The first line of intervention is lubricants and moisturizers. There are three types of lubricants: water based, silicone based, and oil based. It is difficult to select which one may be most beneficial to you from the various choices available in the market. A comprehensive research study of over the counter lubricants suggested that some water based lubricants may actually be counterproductive to the tissue.  When using either gel or water based lubricants it is best when their pH is 4.0 or simply consider using silicone lubricants ((i.e. Good Clean Love, Pre-seed, Female condom 2 lubricant, and Wet platinum). Some examples of moisturizers include Me Again and KY SILK-E. On the other hand, regarding oil based products, some patients have reported good results with Coconut oil, Zestra oil, Boy Butter H2O, or Boy Butter Original formula.

A systematic review revealed that all commercially available estrogen effectively relieves vaginal dryness, painful intercourse, and urinary symptoms from genitourinary syndrome of menopause. Unfortunately estrogen carries with it a risk for blood clots and it is NOT usually recommended for women with a history of hormone sensitive cancers. The current warning on the box of estrogen products includes breast cancer, cardiovascular disorders, endometrial cancer, and probable dementia.

For women who prefer another alternative, there is a current and emerging therapy using a fractional CO2 laser that demonstrates actual remodeling of vaginal connective tissue. The MonaLisa Touch has revealed significant improvement in the sexual function and satisfaction of postmenopausal women suffering from genitourinary syndrome of menopause. In December 2014, the FDA approved the “MonaLisa Touch” Laser for vaginal dryness caused by genitourinary syndrome of menopause. Dr. Siudmak who trained directly under Dr. Mickey Karram  is a “Center of Excellence” and the first physician in the South Broward and North Dade region to make this “state of the art” treatment intervention available to you!!!

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