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Breakthrough Treatment for Vaginal Health

Are you one of the 64 million women who suffer from changes in gynecologic health experiencing symptoms such as dryness, burning, urinary problems or pain during intercourse?

It’s OK to talk about it and become your youthful self again. Now there is a new gentle laser treatment that really works!

A study was done by Dr. Stefano Salvatore*, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Vita- Salute San Raffaele University to assess the feasibility of fractional C02 laser in the treatment of 50 women suffering changes in their gynecologic health.

  • Overwhelmingly positive and immediate results
  • Highly statistically significant improvement in symptoms after first treatment
  • 42 patients (84%) showed significant improvement in their physical and mental quality of life scores over baseline and were satisfied with the treatment. Gynecologic symptoms were significantly improved.

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